Thursday, June 11, 2009

Since I joined NeoBux in early 2008 I managed to increase my daily earnings from a meager $0.05 to over $20 a day, with my profits still growing everyday. It was a long way until I got to the level I'm currently at, but all the time I invested in NeoBux was really worth it! Let me tell you how I make money with NeoBux.

My ultimate strategy was all about bootstrapping, meaning to invest the biggest part of my earnings back into my small online business. That's what many startups and online entrepreneurs do to get their business up and running. So I took nearly every penny and reinvested it into NeoBux, was it by upgrading to a higher membership or by renting one ref pack after the other.

Slowly, very slowly my daily earnings increased. At the beginning I made only my $0.05 from clicking my own ads plus another $0.05 or so from my direct referrals. After some weeks, and after referring some more members to this amazing PTC, I was finally able to buy my first referral pack.

I saw a tremendous increase in my daily earnings (ok, everything more than $0.05 was tremendous at this time), the refs I rented were clicking like crazy and slowly filled my account with some nice dollars. I thought about upgrading my standard account to a Golden membership. I got enough confidence to put some money into NeoBux after having personally cashed out to my Paypal account (which were and still are instant payments). Three months after I joined NeoBux I became a Golden members. This was the time I kick-started my business!

The Golden membership allowed for an huge increase in my referral earnings and a lot of other benefits and I was able to rent even more refs even faster than ever before. I still put nearly every dollar I made back into purchasing new refs until I made my final descision, namely to become an Ultimate member.

I paid a heavy fee out of my own pocket, around $900 for a one year membership. You may think I'm crazy, but again, I had (and still have) the trust to put so much money into NeoBux. They had proven to be a honest business, many thousand members can confirm that.

The Ultimate membership brought me to another level. I got so many benefits that my daily earnings nearly exploded, be it smaller prices for renting and recycling, free auto-recycling, a vacation mode or the simple fact that I was able to click over 15 ads per day.

Now, over one year after joining NeoBux I'm making nearly $1000 each month in net profits. But my journey isn't over yet, I'm still doing bootstrapping, although I don't put as much of my money back into NeoBux. I now have nearly 6,000 referrals plus another 100 direct referrals, but my goal is to increase this even further.

Well, that's it, my short NeoBux story. I just want to show you how honest NeoBux is and that everyone can make big money with them. It took me around 14 months to reach my first $1000 monthly, a long way, but everything was worth it. Feel free to become a NeoBux member too and start your own money making journey!